b'STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE ONE The American fire and emergency services need to constantly and consistently strive to treat all members and the general population with respect and dignity.Our nation continues to experience difficult and turbulent social times, due to perceived and real unfair treatment. The United States fire and emergency services must recognize and embrace equity, fairness, diversity, inclusion, and belonging for all. Discrimination, harassment, and hazing of any type cannot be tolerated inside any fire or emergency services organization. While there have been exemplary efforts by some organizations to eliminate these negative behaviors; there is much work still necessary to resolve this issue. To retain the publics trust, we must prove that respect and dignity towards all customers, members, and stakeholders, both external and internal, is not optional! The principles of respect and dignity form the basis of this document and must be incorporated into all facets of our profession.BackgroundTo be effective, the fire and emergency services must intentionally and continuously strive to have a diverse, inclusive, and well-trained workforce that responds to everyone, internally and externally equitably, respectfully, and with dignity. The character, culture and diversity of each of our organizations are watched very closely by just about everyone. Demonstrating respect, dignity and inclusivity will help to ensure that the fire and emergency services are trusted by the public that we are sworn to serve and protect.7'