b'Chief Brunacini may be the most well-known, respected, and loved fire chief to have ever served in the American Fire Serviceand for good reason. Alans impact on the fire service is far-reaching and profound, particularly in the areas of firefighter safety, incident command, and customer service. Bruno was affectionately referred to as Americas Fire Chief. As a lifetime learner and avid reader, then Captain Brunacini studied with great interest the 1966 Wingspread Conference and its impact on the United States Fire Service. The Fire Service Wingspread Conference was a project that he felt strongly about, wanted to be a part of and felt that he had something to contribute. Bruno was the driving force that kept Wingspread together after the 1986 conference by organizing and leading the next three Wingspread conferences.As we started the Wingspread VII conference, Doctor Alana Brunacini, Alans Granddaughter, reminded us of a quote that Chief Brunacini often used; Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. Alana went on to ask; So here at Wingspread. The first meeting without him. How will you keep his voice in the room? Not in an honorary way, in an active, meaningful way. In the fire service, amongst the Wingspread group, across the country, how are we strong? How are we weak? How are we embracing good times and promoting them? How are we keeping a service mindset and doing the hard work that keeps us strong?This tribute honors the memory of our friend, mentor, and Americas Fire Chief. Perhaps the best way that everyone can honor Chief Brunacini is by continuing to do the work to resolve the significant issues and problems facing Americas Fire and Emergency Services. A closing quote that Alan often used was, Leave everything better than you found it. Indeed, he did just that! Fire Chief Alan V. Brunacini, job well done, Sir! Rest easy, Boss. We will take it from here.Bruce H. Varner Bruce H. Varner 4'