b'WINGSPREAD II: STATEMENTS OF NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE (1976) 1. New criteria is needed to measure the impact of fire on the national economy and public welfare. 2. Productivity in the fire service is difficult to measure reliably. 3. The state levels of government may have to make a renewed commitment in dealing with the fire problem. 4. The fire service should approach the concept of regionalization without bias. 5. There is a need for a better liaison between the fire service and those who build or design buildings. 6. A means of deliberate and systematic development of all fire service personnel through the executive level is still needed. 7. The firefighter has been suppressed by narrow education and confirming experiences on the job. 8. The problem of arson in the United States has increased to the point where it should be considered a matter of major importance. 9. Fire departments should thoroughly analyze new demands being placed upon them before accepting their responsibilities. 10. It appears that residential smoke detectors hold the most practical potential at this time for savings. The fire service should take leadership in encouraging their widespread use and proper maintenance. 11. Traditional fire services should assume more responsibility and leadership in fire loss management. 24'