b'STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE EIGHTThere is a considerable need for new educational programs to be created at the executive and leadership levels. Effective executive operational and administrative leadership of Americas fire and emergency services is a highly specialized and complicated process. Therefore, expanding the available advanced educational opportunities at the highest organizational levels are important to the long-term success of the industry. New educational programs must be designed and developed to focus on exceeding the scope of the traditional fire and emergency services training doctrine. Model executive educational curriculum guidelines should blend the best of business administration and public administration programs with executive leadership from military training programs for our top executives. This effort must include broad based critical decision-making skills that must be embraced and injected into all aspects of the fire and emergency services training effort. Background: The design of this educational curriculum should incorporate a broad range of business and public administration acumen. Instructional contents of this program should include, but not limited to: The National Fire Academys Executive Fire Officer ProgramDeveloping an effective business planDeveloping an effective strategic plan All aspects of government operationsA Masters Degree of Public Administration with a concentration in fire and emergency services administrationMilitary executive leadership training15'