b'WINGSPREAD V: STATEMENTS OF NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCE (2006) The Fire Problem in the United States: The fire problem in the United States is a political problem, not a technological problem. It will not be solved without participation in the political process. Fire chiefs and fire service organizations need to more fully participate in the political process on a local, state, regional, and national level. Home Fire Safety: Incidents in residential occupancies account for the majority of lives lost due to fireboth for firefighters and the citizens they serve. These issues require a comprehensive approach in prevention and built-in systems such as home fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. The fire service and elected officials at the local, state, and federal level must embrace the effort to make home fire safety systems the norm. Firefighter Safety: The continuing high levels of duty-related firefighter injuries and deaths are unacceptable. This problem needs to be addressed through a multi-faceted approach. Risks from traumatic and non-traumatic deaths require equal attention. Local, state, and national resources must be brought to bear on this continuing and significant problem. Emergency Medical Services: In many places, the emergency medical system is becoming overwhelmed. The growth in the demand for EMS is fueled by the impact of changes in the availability of medical insurance, the availability of medical care for the elderly and for children, the deinstitutionalization of those who suffer from mental illnesses, the proliferation of chronic diseases such as asthma, the use of the EMS system as the care system of first and last choice, and other difficulties in accessing the medical system. The Volunteer Fire Service: Fire departments staffed with volunteers and those that utilize combination staffing (volunteer and career) are facing ever increasing challenges in member recruitment, member retention, and financial resources. The evolving role of the fire service in the community, the makeup of the community, and the needs and concerns of volunteer28'