b'STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE ELEVENSelf-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) needs to be incorporated into fire and emergency services to provide safer more effective and efficient operations. As reported in Wingspread VI, most fire and emergency services lack real-time, useful, and accurate information that leverages interoperable technology. SMART, in conjunction with size-up and critical incident factors, must be easily accessible to help ensure safe, effective, and efficient operations. Background Fire and emergency services leadership must be aware of, embrace, and use available and emerging SMART technologies to interface with personnel, buildings and vehicles. These technologies can provide real-time access to pertinent information to protect the health and safety of its members and the community. The challenges of implementing SMART technology are legal, social, financial, political, ethical, and cultural. Fire and emergency services organizations must recognize, understand, and have the necessary funding to utilize these technologies.18'