b'TRIBUTE TO CHIEF ALAN BRUNACINI Alan Vincent BrunaciniApril 18, 1937October 15, 2017 Alan V. Brunacini (Bruno) was quite simply one of the nicest, brightest, friendliest, most unassuming individuals that you would ever meet. He had an amazing sense of humor and an uncanny ability to remember peoples names and details about their lives from just a brief introduction.Bruno began his career with the Phoenix Fire Department in 1958, serving as a firefighter, engineer, captain, battalion chief, and assistant chief. In 1978, Alan was appointed to the rank of fire chief and served in that position until his retirement in 2006, some 28 years at the helm of PFD. Under Chief Brunacinis leadership, Phoenix Fire Department became one of the most progressive and well-known fire departments across the world. Visitors came from every state and many countries to examine how the Fire Command system and treating everyone as customers worked. The mantra of BE NICE was used and reinforced by Chief Bruno reminding everyone to Always be nicetreat everyone with respect, kindness, patience and consideration.3'